3DR® Structural FormworkFeedback on 3DR® Formwork: Armand CORVIOLE, ITALCEMENTI GROUP

Feedback on 3DR® Formwork: Armand CORVIOLE, ITALCEMENTI GROUP

Armand CORVIOLE, Marketing Director for Cement-Concrete in France and Belgium, ITALCEMENTI GROUP.

At the request of Philippe DURAND, Unibéton has contributed to the candidacy led by Coffratherm for the 3DR process in the European project since 2000. Unibéton is the Italcementi Group company responsible for the production and marketing of ready-mix concrete in France.

[…] We believe that this process is viable with conventional cement concrete filling. This has been confirmed by the construction references that have been carried out with the previous DIPY process to 3DR.

Furthermore, after a marketing analysis and the technical and economic opinion of an individual house builder, we have initiated a study on the application of this process in individual houses.

We have specifically undertaken this study with Philippe DURAND on alternative lightweight concrete filling.

These studies have shown that implementation was viable for a standard formwork, which we carried out at our technical center in Guerville.

[…] We are always willing to continue cooperation with the holders of the process to materialize this concept.