Essais à Seatech en fevrier 2023

With Eole Stab, the impossible becomes possible

Visionnez notre video en bas de cette page pour comprendre comment notre plateforme EOLE STAB repond aux problemes de stabilité, meme par mer cinquantenale

A new platform solution

The challenge taken up by EOLE STAB

EOLE STAB is an offshore platform with improved stability compared to existing systems and insensitive to wind effects (limited to the speeds admissible by the blades), capable of receiving all types of wind turbines.

A cost effective solution

At a Reduced

EOLE STAB technology offers a cost-effective solution that increases production and service life, reduces maintenance costs and increases return on investment.

Our EOLE STAB solution

What Benefits?

The patented technology used by EOLE STAB has made it possible to constitute a fixed base for the wind turbine even in heavy seas:

Reduction of materials (-48%)

Resource conservation (-48%),

Yield increase (+10%),

Reduction of maintenance costs (-75%),

Increased life (+10%),

Increase in profits (+20%)

Our tests at Seatech

Watch our video and compare EOLE STAB with classic platforms

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Do You want to know more?

Our tests at Seatech have provided all the answers to your questions about the stability of our platform and therefore a reduction in production and maintenance costs.

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    We carried out the tests on the EOLE STAB platform in the research laboratories and worked on the Seatech wave basin in February 2023, then in February and April 2024.

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