Eole Stab®Why Eole Stab choses concrete over steel?

Why Eole Stab choses concrete over steel?

EOLE STAB can choose to make the caisson of its platform in steel or concrete, but it prefers concrete for several reasons.

First, concrete offers intrinsic characteristics such as its resistance to corrosion.

In addition, thanks to its higher mass than that of steel, concrete allows lowering the center of gravity of the entire wind turbine, which facilitates stability during towing and allows it to absorb some of the wave energy, reducing the movements of the platform during operation.

On an economic level, concrete is more advantageous. Its price is three times lower than that of steel, it is available locally, and can be quickly implemented, especially thanks to the 3DR® technology.

Finally, for environmental reasons, EOLE STAB has chosen concrete because its energy impact is much better than that of steel.:

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